Need Help Restoring Your Old Clunker?

Hire us for auto paint removal services in Johnstown & Newark, OH

Here at First Response Mobile Blasting, LLC, we have a deep passion for fixing up cars. Our team is committed to helping people in the Johnstown & Newark, OH area restore their cars by providing expert service and guidance. If you're ready to give your old car a bright and beautiful new appearance, you can count on us for quality and affordable automotive sandblasting services.

We can prepare your car for a new surface coating by removing old paint, rust, chrome and powder coatings. Call us today to arrange for automotive sandblasting services.

Strip off your old paint with ease

Strip off your old paint with ease

Removing paint from your old car or truck can be difficult without the right equipment. Luckily, First Response Mobile Blasting has everything you need for a successful auto paint removal project. We use an effective sandblasting solution that employs water and crushed-up glass to safely scour away rust, paint and stains.

Contact us now to get auto paint removal services in Johnstown, Newark, OH or surrounding areas. Be sure to ask about our special discounts.